20 Zero Calorie Foods

The best way to help yourself stop eating junk and sweets is to start eating foods that are low in calories and keeps you full for longer. Here's 20 Zero Calorie Foods for weight loss.

20 Zero Calorie Foods

1- Carrots :
Carrots are known for their delicious taste for the fact that they're good for the eyes. I wouldn't deny that but it also helps get rid of excess sodium. One large carrot contains 30cals (41cals/100g)

2- Cucumber :
This food is full of natural minerals and vitamins. It's a hydrating food which contains 95% water. It helps wash out toxins from the body. One large cucumber has 34cals (16cals/100g).

3- Spinach :
A great food for weight loss that keeps you full for I helps slow fat digestion. It contains (23cals/100g)

4- Tomatoes :
Such a delicious choice to add to your salad. It helps prevent cancer and heart disease. One medium tomato has 23cals (18cals/100g)

5- Watermelon :
Watermelon can hydrate you as much as water can. It also helps prevent heart disease and cancer. 100g of watermelon has only 30cals.

6- Mushrooms :
A good source of vitamin D Which helps absorb calcium. It also produces immune boosting metabolites. 1 cup contains 15cals (22cals/100g).

7- Apples :
We all know the famous quote "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Well this delicious sweet fruit is rich in vitamins and natural minerals which helps boost metabolism and keeps you full for longer. Well it has 100cals per medium apple (52cals/100g) but don't worry it burns about 120cals.

8- Zucchini :
This food helps prevent cancer for it contains essential vitamins and natural minerals. Per 100g has only 17cals.

9- Lettuce :
Eat lettuce as a salad for its rich in iron and magnesium, plus, it keeps you full for longer. It has (15cals/100g)

10- Lemons :
Zest some on your food, you'll love it. Lemons are high in vitamin C and antioxidants which helps promoting immunity to fight infections. It contains 17cals in a whole lemon (29cals/100g). Try it, it keeps fat away.

11- Cabbages :
This negative calorie food prevents cancer and heart disease. Per 100g has 25cals only.

12- Celery :
It contains vitamins such as vitamin C, K and A as well as antioxidants. 75% of a celery stick is water for that it only contains 2cals (16cals/100g).

13- Garlic :
Go add some taste to your food with some garlic. It contains oils that help boost your metabolism and prevent fat. Don't eat too much of it, (not that you would) it's​ calories will start counting, tho it only has 149cals per 100g.

14- Bell peppers :
This food is rich in vitamin A and contains enough of vitamin C for your daily intake. Per 100g has 20cals.

15- Kale :
Kale contains plenty of vitamins that help you fight cancer. It also contains fiber and is rich in protein. It has (49cals/100g)

16- Asparagus :
A good that's rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E and K. Also contains fiber and, overall, it helps reduce weight. It has (20cals/100g)

17- Grapefruit :
What a delicious choice one would make. This fruit helps lower the insulin level in the body slightly which prevents the body from storing fats. One large grapefruit is 106cals but you'll only need half of it before breakfast and the other before lunch (42cals/100g).

18- Beetroot :
Beetroots are a source for iron and folate. It contains antioxidants that prevents premature ageing. This super food also lowers blood pressure. Per 100g has 43cals

19- Cauliflower :
This food contains vitamin C and some other essential vitamins. It helps boost metabolism. Per 100g has 25cals

20- Broccoli :
A source of vitamin K and C. It contains potassium and fiber. It helps fasten cuts healing and fight diseases. It has 34cals per 100g.

Hope you reach your goal as soon. And in case you didn't know, a negative calorie food burns more calories than it actually contains.


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